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Ancient and Medieval : Reading List

B.A. History (Hons): Course 2: ‘Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient and Medieval World’ for First Year

S. No. Author Book Title Publication Priority Level Remarks
2.1. Perry Anderson
Passages from Antiquity to Feudalism. Verso, 1996 A
2.2. J. D.Bernal. Science in History, Vol I. Penguin, 1969 B
2.3. Marc Bloch Feudal Society, 2 Vols. Taylor & Francis, 2004 A
2.4. Burns and Ralph. World Civilisations. W.W Norton, 1984 B
2.5. V Gordon Childe. What Happened in History. Harmondsworth, 1942; Penguin, 1964 A Also available in Hindi
2.6. V. Gordon Childe. Social Evolution. Meridian Books, 1963 B
2.7. Georges Duby. The Early Growth of the European Economy. Cornell University Press, 1978 B
2.8. Glyn Daniel. First Civilizations Penguin, 1978 B
2.9. B. Fagan. People of the Earth: An Introduction World Pre-History Little Brown, Boston, 1986 A
2.10. Amar Farouqi Early Social Formations Manak Publications Pvt. Ltd, 2001 A Also Available in Hindi as Prachin aur Madhyakalin Samajik Sanrachnaen aur Sanskritiyan, Granthashilpi, New Delhi, 2003

2.11. M. I. Finley, The Ancient Economy. Penguin, 1992 A
2.12. Carlo M. Cipolla Fontana Economic History of Europe. Vol. I: The Middle Ages Barnes & Noble 1977 B
2.13. A. Hauser.
A Social History of Art. Vol. I Routledge & kegan Paul, 1968 B
2.14. Jacquetta Hawkes. First Great Civilisations. Hutchinson, 1973 B
2.15. P. K. Hitti History of the Arabs Macmillian, 1970 B
2.16. George Roux,.
Ancient Iraq Penguin, 1980 B
2.17. Bai Shouyi. An Outline History of China. Foreign Languages Press, 1993 B
2.18. B.Trigger. D. O’Corner, AB loyd (Ed.)
Ancient Egypt: A Social History Cambridge University Press, 1983 B
2.19. UNESCO UNESCO Series: History of Mankind. J P Mohen et al (eds.) Vols. 1 - III. / New ed. History of Humanity, UNESCO Publication, London Routledge1994-1996 Routledge A
2.20. R. J. Wenke. Patterns in Prehistory: Mankind First Three Million Years Oxford University Press, 1984 A
2.21. Ameer Ali,
The Spirit of Islam. Taj Publishers, 1999 B
2.22. G. Barraclough
The Medieval Papacy. Thames and Hudson Ltd. 1968 B
2.23. K. C. Chang,. The Archaeology of Ancient China Yale University Press, 1977 B
2.24. V. Gordon Childe Man Makes Himself Moonraker Press, 1981 B Also available in Hindi
2.25. M. I. Finley. The Ancient Greeks Penguin, 1971 B
2.26. M. I. Finley Ancient Slavery and Modern Ideology Penguin, 1983 A
2.27. J. Huizinga, The Waning of the Middle Ages. / Revised ed. The Autumn of
The Middle Ages. Penguin, 1965 B
2.28. M. G. S. Hodgson. The Venture of Islam. University of Chicago Press, 1977 B
2.29. Rodney Hilton, Bond Men Made Free. Routledge, 1990 B
2.30. Rodney Hilton, Transition from Feudalism to Capitalism Verso, 1976 and Aakar Books for South Asia, 2006 A
2.31. A. H. M. Jones Decline of the Ancient World Longmens, 1966 B
2.32. Joseph Needham. Science and Civilisation in China. Vol. 1 Cambridge University Press, 1962 A
2.33. A. L. Oppenheim. Ancient Mesopotamia University of Chicago Press, 1977 B
2.34. J. N. Postgate Early Mesopotamia. Routledge, 1992 A
2.35. John Boardman et al. (eds) Oxford History of the Classical World OUP, 1986 A
2.36. Antony Andrews Greek Society Harmondsworth, 1992 A
2.37. E M Wood Peasant-Citizens and Slave: The Foundation of Athenian Democracy London: Verso, 1988 B
2.38. P. A. Brunt Social Conflicts in the Roman Republic London: Chatto and Windus, 1971 A
2.39. Richard Leaky The Making of Mankind Penguin, 1981 B
2.40. J. N. Postgate Early Mesopotamia. Routledge, 1992 A
2.41. George Duby The Three Orders: Feudal Society Imagined Chicago: The University Press, 1980 A
2.42. M I Finley Economy and Society in Ancient Grece Penguin, 1980 B
2.43. T H Aston and CHE Philipin (eds.) Brenner Debate: Agrarian Class Structure and Economic Development in Pre Industrial Europe Cambridge, 1987 B
2.44. J N Postgate Early Mesopotamia: Society and Economy at the Dawn of History London: Routledge, 1992 A
2.45. Graham Clark World Prehistory in New Perspective Cambridge: CUP, 1977 B
2.46. P. M. Holt et al (eds) The Cambridge History of Islam, Vol. I: The Central Islamic Lands Cambridge, 1970. A
2.47. Patricia Crone The Meccan Trade and the Rise of Islam Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1988 A

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